HYPERSPACE and SUMM3R Announce Strategic Partnership to Accelerate NFT growth

3 min readDec 1, 2023


  • SUMM3R partners with Hyperspace Marketplace to drive adoption and attention to NFTs across chains
  • Together, SUMM3R and HYPERSPACE will help new projects build stronger and more sustainable businesses and launch on HYPERSPACE

[Web3, 01 Dec, 2023] — HYPERSPACE, a leading multi-chain NFT marketplace, and SUMM3R, a pioneering web3 NFT Growth Ecosystem, are thrilled to announce their strategic partnership aimed at fostering innovation and driving the growth of the NFT ecosystem across chains.

The collaboration between HYPERSPACE and SUMM3R brings together two industry leaders with a shared vision of advancing the possibilities of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and empowering creators and founders worldwide. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the NFT space, combining the strengths and expertise of both organizations to create a powerful and transformative force. The partnership aims to build a dynamic ecosystem that nurtures talent, fosters collaboration, and drives innovation within the NFT space.

“We are thrilled to partner with SUMM3R to push the boundaries of NFT technology and empower creators worldwide,” said Bryan Jun of HYPERSPACE. “By combining our marketplace expertise with SUMM3R’s growth program, we will unlock new opportunities for NFT creators and collectors, enabling them to thrive in this rapidly evolving industry.”

“HYPERSPACE’s commitment to fostering creativity and supporting artists aligns perfectly with our mission at SUMM3R. Together, we will leverage our expertise and resources to support NFT entrepreneurs and accelerate the adoption of NFTs, furthering the growth and advancement of the entire ecosystem.”

J Lindquest, CEO of SUMM3R

The strategic partnership between HYPERSPACE and SUMM3R represents an exciting step forward in the NFT space, combining resources, knowledge, and innovation to shape the future of digital ownership. Both organizations are committed to driving the mainstream adoption of NFTs and providing a platform for creators to monetize and build sustainable businesses.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact:

HYPERSPACE Press Contact
Kamil Mafoud

SUMM3R Press Contact
Mona Tiesler
Head of Community


HYPERSPACE is a leading multi-chain NFT marketplace that connects creators and collectors worldwide. With a user-friendly platform and a vibrant community, HYPERSPACE empowers creators to launch their collections and allows collectors to discover and own unique collections. For more information, visit Hyperspace.xyz

About SUMM3R
Summ3r is an Ecosystem of Growth that leverages its network of entrepreneurs, builders and investors, in combination with industry leaders as mentors and coaches, to establish growth in the Web3 industry. Summ3r is deeply rooted in Web3 fundamentals, aiming to amplify the technological impacts, not only in developed countries but also drive innovation and value, in regions like Africa, Latam and South East Asia. They bridge Web2 and Web3 by understanding the opportunities and struggles of the Web3 industry. Learn more: https://www.summ3r.io/




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